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More friendly relationship is going to build between China and Russia

  • Author:Elsa He
  • Source:world.huanqiu.com
  • Release on:2018-06-22

  Global Internet Reports said that Chinese citizens can enjoy 72-hour visa-free transit in major Russian cities? For the news from the outside world, Sergei Palitov, the consul of the Russian Consul General in Shenyang, said in an interview with Russian Satellite News Agency on the 18th that Russia and China are consulting on this issue.

  The report stated that Palitov addressed the above issues within the framework of the 29th Harbin State-owned Enterprises Fair. The meeting was held from June 15th to June 19th. Palitov said: "Russia-China Foreign Ministry regularly discusses the issue of the visa system. China regularly raises the issue of further liberalizing the visa system for Chinese citizens, and there are proposals to implement 72-hour visa-free transit stopovers in large Russian cities. The consultations between the two foreign ministries, which are new measures for Russia, are not entirely dependent on the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

  The Russian Consul General in Shenyang stated that Russia has taken many measures to simplify visa procedures for Chinese citizens. Palitov added: "One of the measures to simplify visa procedures is the 8th e-visa, which will allow Chinese people to go to Vladivostok Freeport."

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