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Led Lamp relative Knowledge

  • Author:Elsa He
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2017-12-28
The Defination of Led Headlight

LED is an electroluminescent device that utilizes a solid semiconductor chip as a light emitting material and emits light directly by recombination of carriers causing photon emission. LED headlamp is the use of LED as a light source to create lighting equipment.

The Advance Features of the LED Lamp

A. Energy saving, low cost. Led can almost reach to 80%~90% Luminous efficiency.
B. The vloume of the Led lamp is very small which is beneficial to arrangement and the design of shape. This is the largest advantage of the led Lamp
C. Quick response. If you use the LED lamp as turn signal light, brake light, tail light which can produce a warning effect. Also, if you use it as headlight, it can be light up fast compare to the HID and Halogen lamps. This can improve the safety of the driving.
D. Good performance, impact resistance,seismic resistance,not easily broken,adapting to all kinds of environment.
E. Low voltage and direct current which has insert driven, small load, weak interference.No need the Boost device like the HID.
F. Low brightness weakness light. Can be used as flashlight, brake light, turn signal light and others warning light.
G. Long life span, each element of the LED can use about 50,000 hours.

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