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What is CAN-BUS?

  • Author:Elsa He
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  • Release on:2018-03-23
What is CAN-BUS?
 CANBus is called “Controller Area Network Bus Technology”  The Can-Bus bus technology was first used for communication of weapons and electronic systems such as aircrafts and tanks. The earliest use of this technology for civilian vehicles originated in Europe. CAN Bus systems are commonly found in European vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche etc.
With the continuous improvement and development of CAN-BUS, as a remote network communication control method with advanced technology, high reliability, complete functions, and reasonable cost, CAN-BUS is no longer confined to the automotive electronics field, but is also widely used. In other various automatic control systems. In Europe, America and Asia, CAN-bus technology in Asia has been widely used in the field of construction machinery, greatly improving the reliability, detectability and maintainability of the whole machine, and at the same time improving the level of intelligence. In China, the CAN-bus control system has also begun to be widely used in automotive control systems. 

But how do you know whether your car is with CAN-BUS equipment.?
If the car warns you when a bulb is out, it is equipped with CAN Bus. The easiest way is to contact the vehicle’s supplier or dealership. If you’re still not sure, we normally tell customers to connect the bulbs directly with 12v power supply to see whether the bulbs work normally. If works fine, then means equipped with CANBUS, If not works, then no CANBUS.

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