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HID Kit's knowledge

  • Author:Elsa He
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-12-20
 HID's English full name is High Intensity Discharge, this new car with xenon headlamp lighting, also known as high-intensity discharge lamp or gas discharge car Xenon headlamp system (Chinese abbreviation: xenon lamp). High brightness xenon lamp, emitting bright colors is relatively close to the sunshine, low power consumption, high reliability, not subject to voltage fluctuations in the car, greatly improving the visibility of driving at night. 

 At present, only the new high-end car is configured to use this new headlamps. This lamp uses high-tech xenon gas into the quartz tube, and then through the precision of the high-voltage package 12V power instantly increased to 23000V, through the high-voltage excitation tube xenon, between the bipolar to produce a super strong high temperature arc light . So that the luminous efficiency and brightness increased by 3 times, life expectancy increased by 10 times which to make its life closest to the car life